My third book, The Great Tribulation And Beyond, has been out of print for six years, but it is back. This book covers the last 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation, The Judgment of The Nations, the Millennium, The Great White Throne Judgment, and the Eternal State. 318 pages Paperback

The eleventh book is a fiction book about Vampire-Like Beings.  The name of the book is Chupacabra in the Vampire Wars.  The book tells the story of a young boy who was told to never go into the wilds.  If you do go into the wilds, an animal called the Chupacabra might attack and kill you.  Even though he is warned about the wilds, he and other friends venture out to see what they can find.  What they find is beyond belief!  242 pages Paperback

The first book I wrote in 1997, The Past or The Coming Future, is still in print. This book includes the events just prior to the rapture and the 45 days before the Antichrist signs the peace treaty with Israel, which will begin the Tribulation. 287 pages . It was cheaper to print a hardback back in 1997.

The first book my wife wrote is Tommy's New Barn Mates. It is a book about changes that could take place in a family, such as when step children, cousins, grandmas, grandpas, adopted children or other family members come to live in the same house. Problems can arise for the ones who lived there first. Confusion of sharing and who loves who more and wondering if they are still loved or have been replaced by someone else confront these children. This book helps parents, counselors, or teachers work with children, helping them work through their understanding of the situation. Paperback (8.5X11)

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The eighth book is a book about End Time Terminology. There are so many terms about the End Times that people want to know about. This book covers over 110 terms that pertain to the End Time. Most people never thought they would ever see a book like this, but here it is. 358 pages Paperback

The twelfth book is Marbles From Heaven and it is a fiction book about a little boy with cancer.  This story is about a little boy who dies and goes to Heaven.  While in Heaven, he plays marbles with Jesus.  Jesus informs little Tommy that he cannot stay in Heaven.  He must go back to earth and use the marbles for people who are about to die.  Each time he gives one marble away, he will get two in return.  Follow Tommy during his life and see what happens. 257 pages Paperback

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The ninth book is a fiction book about Archangels and the last prophet before the Tribulation, the Care Taker. The Care Taker, or better known on earth as Dallas, must find the Book of the Archangels. Once he finds the book he will be able to find the things that are necessary for the dedication of the Tribulation Temple. 275 pages Paperback

My fifth book, at this time, is an Informational Book, Writing:Step By Step. Before I wrote this book, I looked at a number of Writing Books and the one thing I notice was that they did a lot of talking about writing, but to give a new writer information on what they needed to know, most were silent. This book will take a new writer down the steps they will need to know to get a book published. 210 pages Paperback

The seventh book is a commentary on Revelation, The End Times. Most people have no idea what is in this great book. They believe things will get better and better, but this book tells us the complete opposite. If you want to know about the End Times, this is a must read book. 298 pages Paperback

My tenth book is a Murder Mystery called The Florida Five in Looks Can Be Deceiving.  The main characters are five beautiful women who have been friends almost all their lives.  Twenty years after high school, three of their male friends are murdered by what police believe may be a serial killer.  Could one of the Florida Five be the killer or what about their husbands?  Are they on the list of suspects?  Will the real killer be discovered, or will someone be wrongly accused?.  235 pages Paperback

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My second book, The Tribulation, has been out of print for six years, it is back.  It covers the events during the first 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation. 302 pages Paperback

I started writing in 1970, but lost interest and became a so-so writer.  I started once again in 1980 with the same results.  However, in 1997 I wrote my first novel which is listed below.  After my first novel came another and another.  Listed below are all of my books that have been published.

The second book my wife wrote is Where's My Friend. This book is about children losing a friend or classmate by death. As a retired counselor, my wife had to explain this situation several times, as children don't understand what happened or why it happened. This book makes it easy for counselors, teachers, and parents to talk to their children about the death of a friend and how to cope with it. Paperback (8.5X11)

My fourth book, Can I Have A Second Chance, is the story of a man that had many chances, all of his life, to accept Christ. Each time, he rejected, until, at an old age, he died and was taken to the Compartment of Torment in Hades, to await The Great White Throne Judgment. While in Hades, he prays to the Lord for a second chance. The Lord hears his prayer and lets him see himself live his life all over again, but the Lord reminds him that NO ONE EVER GETS A SECOND CHANCE. During this life, he sees all of his mistakes. The Lord lets him see his life again and now instead of making bad mistakes, everything he does is the right move. Find out what happens when he dies a second time. 306 pagesPaperback

My sixth book, Daniel, The Future, is a commentary. This book will look at things a little differently. There have been many things happening in the world that reveal we are closer to the End Times than we may have thought before. 228 pages Paperback